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A new way of seeing things…

“One’s journey is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” Henry Miller.

Last 7 weeks:

Travel: Norway, Sweden, Oman, Emirates, France, Italy, Switzerland

Sport: Ice skating (Oslo), Kite Surfing (Dubai), Nordic, Off-piste and Rando skiing (Norway/Chamonix), Diving (Musandam, Oman), Running, Yoga.

Training: Off Piste Skiing, Avalanche Foundation and Progression Courses with The Avalanche Academy Planning Off-Piste Skiing, Crevasse Rescue Refresher.

In my photography and film I am often looking for new ways of seeing things. The reason images and film fascinate me is they offer people an opportunity to see things differently.

I guess that is what I love about sport, exploration and nature…it leaves you with a fresh perspective, and it can lead a new way of being – if you let it.

I have always been interested in the capacity to inspire, and empower, so this year I have chosen to train as an international coach with The Coaches Training Institute. Our group comprises people from 19 different nations, with a wealth of professional, business, and life experience to share.

I have started coaching a few people as an intern coach and the results are pretty damn amazing. It’s a great way to shift perspective, and not only that of your clients ;).

Otherwise, I am still in the pretzel business, and have decided to stop fighting the challenges of yoga and flow with the whole thing.

So to close with some photography ;)… here are a few images I have taken recently in Chamonix…


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Climbing @ La Joux

After a big week of work this week with private clients and on a longer term project, I was looking for a bit of relaxation and hoping to go up L’Aiguille du Midi to do the Arȇte des Cosmiques but weather kept us lower in the valley so headed up to La Joux to avoid the crowds. Nothing like a little gneiss to set you straight. Lovely spot:


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Exciting times…

Whirlwind week last week with 3 visits to Switzerland (1 to Zurich and 2 to Geneva) and 1 visit to Italy. Lucky me. We had exciting developments this week in both our photographic and filming sectors…so watch this space…

47,466 hits in April from 499 individual visitors across over 25 different countries across the planet. What I love is people are coming from all regions, areas, religions, races, & creed..and seem to be enjoying our site, spending longer and longer with us. Thank-you so much. I love it that we are truly international! Keep sharing.

Best to you all for the new season.
Kathleen xxx

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Stay hungry, stay foolish…a word of THANKS!

Post to:

1) Celebrate the Courage of those who follow their dreams…so for you my Facebook friends, colleagues, athletes, divers, mountaineers, climbers, filmmakers, photographers, writers, musicians and bloggers..

2) A VERY special thanks to Andrew Chapman my long term business partner, and tireless friend to which I will always be ‘grateful’!

3) ‘Je vous remercie!! to those who support me, partners and friends… I hold you people close to my heart & those who enjoy my work enough to become clients – I adore you! Thanks.

Sometimes we don’t know how the dots will join up…but they always do.


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