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Weekend in Normandy…

Weekend in Normandy…


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Making the most of your opportunities…

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Italy, Sweden, and visit Normandy/Brittany in the last month, spending time with some long-term friends. A true pleasure.

Returning to the Chamonix Valley, I enjoyed an easy alpine route with Tommy Harris and Paul Keleher. Check these guys out…they are impressive people plus you will see some great photos!!! Thanks guys.

Obviously, I have a huge number of photos to upload but I am currently focused on some work for my private clients, and am also commencing a new project.

However, while I am burning some DVD’s for some clients, I wanted to reflect on making the most of today, whatever/wherever you are, and whoever you are with.

One of the upsides of traveling is you meet so many amazing people, and hear so many stories. You get to a window into so many ways to enjoy life through each person you meet.

I’ve found the other side of travel is when you arrive back in town, and your looking for someone to do a mountain bike with on a Sunday, you can find many people are in their set groups or already have plans…and that is when you have to dig deep…even if it’s wet and cold outside…and grab your mountain bike/running shoes or whatever, get out amongst it, and ‘make the most of your opportunities’…here is a small iphone gallery of me making the most of the Chamonix Valley last Sunday afternoon riding past some of the most awe inspiring glaciers & mountains…Enjoy your Life…wherever you are…today is all we have. Best, Kathleen x


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