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Heavenly ascent

The Aiguille du Midi and the Helbronner provide an awesome platform for people to access the Alps, and to view the high mountain environment.

What was wonderful to have my Australian neighbours/friends come to Chamonix. and great to see the thrill they got from seeing the Mont Blanc massif up close and personal. They had quite a lot of fun out there..simply by being in the moment. Hopefully, these pictures gives people an idea that mountains can be simply enjoyed.

Thanks to Robyn Boldy for the picture of the alpinist on the arête using her new camera, on panaromic function!

Have a great weekend..take it easy.

Kathleen x


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Stay hungry, stay foolish…a word of THANKS!

Post to:

1) Celebrate the Courage of those who follow their dreams…so for you my Facebook friends, colleagues, athletes, divers, mountaineers, climbers, filmmakers, photographers, writers, musicians and bloggers..

2) A VERY special thanks to Andrew Chapman my long term business partner, and tireless friend to which I will always be ‘grateful’!

3) ‘Je vous remercie!! to those who support me, partners and friends… I hold you people close to my heart & those who enjoy my work enough to become clients – I adore you! Thanks.

Sometimes we don’t know how the dots will join up…but they always do.


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