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New Alpine/Chamonix Images

Out here in the Arabian desert, so time to release some cooling images for Chamonix friends and those in Arabia, or Australia looking for something different.

Here is a taster of what we can produce in Alpine/Chamonix environments. So beautiful…so lucky!

Monte Bianco Black&White.jpgRond point de reves.jpgDavies Project-14.jpgc44-Monte Bianco_colour.jpgc92-Le Dru.jpgSunlight on Le Vert and Le Dru-1.jpg

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My Tour de France 2011 – Inspiration from the Alps.

I am rarely a good spectator, I prefer to be racing or doing it myself. However, in moving to France, learning French and jumping headlong into a whole lot of new sports/activities, I’ve had little time to focus on one sport long enough to prepare for a race.

With the Tour de France coming up, I recalled driving up Alpe d’Huez to watch it one year and being inspired by the 1000s of people of all shapes/sizes on all sorts of bikes riding up. I distinctly remember thinking how much I wanted to be on my bike.

I had a dream to ride Alpe d’Huez. I ordered a new gear set to help make it easier, the gear set is still missing in action.

However, I am happy to say after a little training (5-6 rides out of Chamonix), listening to some good advice from local riders and feeling reasonably strong on my 2008 Nice Ironman race set up (39/27 39/25), I achieved that dream and in a good time.

Being in the Alps and seeing Cadel Evans fulfill his lifelong dreams was fabulous. It was wonderful to see him fight in these mountain stages to keep the time gap down.

After seeing him in previous years, seemingly ‘a lone ranger’, it was great to see how the support of a good team gave him the confidence and focus to show his true colours, which have always been that of a champion.

It was inspiring to see him adapt when he had problems/mechanical issues and watch as he diminished the time gaps that Andy Schleck and Contador created. The way he bounced back to destroy these significant time gaps, in both stages over the Col du Galibier and l’Alpe D’Huez, left us hopeful for the time trial and that Cadel Evans had a chance to wear the yellow jersey to the Champs Élysées.

This tour was my fourth since 2007, and I’ve seen a few from a bike trainer before that. However, one thing that always impressed me when I watch Cadel Evans is he just seems like an honest, hard-working, decent guy. The kind I remember back in the days of country cycling events in Australia.

One of the most inspiring things I take away from Cadel Evans is something that I over recent years I have almost felt close to loosing touch with: the idea that with persistence, hard work, and the support and belief of a few people close to us, we can retain our genuine values, be open and honest, and still believe and achieve our dreams.

Here are a few images ‘on and off’ the bike from my Tour de France 2011.

Enjoy and stay true to yourselves, your values and your dreams so that we provide the generations of the future with genuine heroes and heroines.

Best Kathleen

Col du Lautaret Sunflower and Vans.jpgCol du Lautaret Field Flowers and Vans.jpgCol du Lautaret Field Flowers.jpgStage 18 leading to Col du Lautaret before Col du Galibier.jpgGendarmes Leading Andy Schleck up Final 1km Col du Galibier.jpgVoeckler Col du Galibier.jpgMaxime Monfort Col du Galibier.jpgMaarten Tjallingii and Anthony Charteau.jpgBMC Hincappie Col du Galibier.jpgKathleen Swalling Alpe dHuez.jpgKathleen Swalling in Mittiga Team outfit at 500m from Summit Alpe d Huez.jpgArrive Finish Stage 19 Alpe dHuez.jpg

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Making the most of your opportunities…

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Italy, Sweden, and visit Normandy/Brittany in the last month, spending time with some long-term friends. A true pleasure.

Returning to the Chamonix Valley, I enjoyed an easy alpine route with Tommy Harris and Paul Keleher. Check these guys out…they are impressive people plus you will see some great photos!!! Thanks guys.

Obviously, I have a huge number of photos to upload but I am currently focused on some work for my private clients, and am also commencing a new project.

However, while I am burning some DVD’s for some clients, I wanted to reflect on making the most of today, whatever/wherever you are, and whoever you are with.

One of the upsides of traveling is you meet so many amazing people, and hear so many stories. You get to a window into so many ways to enjoy life through each person you meet.

I’ve found the other side of travel is when you arrive back in town, and your looking for someone to do a mountain bike with on a Sunday, you can find many people are in their set groups or already have plans…and that is when you have to dig deep…even if it’s wet and cold outside…and grab your mountain bike/running shoes or whatever, get out amongst it, and ‘make the most of your opportunities’…here is a small iphone gallery of me making the most of the Chamonix Valley last Sunday afternoon riding past some of the most awe inspiring glaciers & mountains…Enjoy your Life…wherever you are…today is all we have. Best, Kathleen x


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Exciting times…

Whirlwind week last week with 3 visits to Switzerland (1 to Zurich and 2 to Geneva) and 1 visit to Italy. Lucky me. We had exciting developments this week in both our photographic and filming sectors…so watch this space…

47,466 hits in April from 499 individual visitors across over 25 different countries across the planet. What I love is people are coming from all regions, areas, religions, races, & creed..and seem to be enjoying our site, spending longer and longer with us. Thank-you so much. I love it that we are truly international! Keep sharing.

Best to you all for the new season.
Kathleen xxx

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Inspiration for the weekend…Be You!

Here’s the photos from the Vallée Blanche – thanks to Ashley and Nick! Awesome day out in the mountains.

I am off to ski the Vallée Blanche tomorrow, while it’s no big deal in Chamonix, it is another first in a long list of firsts since I moved from living next to the Great Barrier Reef I adore, to exploring new heights in the French Alps. Being vigorously independent and determined since the age of 5 if not earlier (ask my Mum!)….it can be confronting being the ‘new kid on the block’.

www.kathleenswalling.com has been in operation 3 months and each month we have an increasing number of visitors from an amazing number and diverse range of countries….Thank-you!

I have taken a huge leap of faith, and value your support. Keep sharing….and please contact us for your photography and filming needs….your ideas, collaboration and views on our future direction are welcomed.

BTW This is for YOU:

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