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Saving sharks in Arabia…I meet with shark conservationist Jonathan Ali Khan..

On my recent journeys to Arabia (in amongst diving and filming), I took the opportunity to meet with fellow marine & wildlife filmmaker, Jonathan Ali Khan of Wild Planet Productions. Jonathan is one of the most varied and notable marine filmmakers based in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region today. I met with Jonathan both in my position as Board Member for FFC and to discuss potential collaboration on current and future projects.

Jonathan’s work is currently focused on the plight of sharks in the Middle East. His latest project, entitled “Sharkquest Arabia” is a two part documentary showing the status of sharks in modern day Arabia. It discusses the current scientific research in the region and the scale of shark fishing, linked to the fin trade to the Far East.

Shark fins, Dubai Fish Market

Shark fins in the Dubai Fish Market

Shark fins, Dubai Fish Market

Shark fins in the Dubai Fish Market

While managing Commonwealth Islands on the Great Barrier Reef and various aspects of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area, I firmly believed in the power of the coastal communities to drive and sustain change toward better management of the Reef. The projects I championed were based around the idea of community capacity building, knowledge and skill transfer and the development of more sustainable ways of doing things. Jonathan shares this belief and seeks to demonstrate that with the community focused education and support, the Arabian fishing communities are capable of appropriate management of the sharks of Arabia.

Meet Jonathan and see what he has to say, after years of conservation filmmaking in Arabia he is someone who is making a big difference www.filmmakersforconservation.org/ Also, under “Featured Filmmakers”.

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Stay hungry, stay foolish…a word of THANKS!

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1) Celebrate the Courage of those who follow their dreams…so for you my Facebook friends, colleagues, athletes, divers, mountaineers, climbers, filmmakers, photographers, writers, musicians and bloggers..

2) A VERY special thanks to Andrew Chapman my long term business partner, and tireless friend to which I will always be ‘grateful’!

3) ‘Je vous remercie!! to those who support me, partners and friends… I hold you people close to my heart & those who enjoy my work enough to become clients – I adore you! Thanks.

Sometimes we don’t know how the dots will join up…but they always do.


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