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Discover, Explore, Live…

In September, I completed the amazingly tough Haute Route bike race across the Pyrenees from Barcelona to Biarritz (one of the highest, and toughest cyclosportives in the world across 20 cols, 800km, and 20,000m of climbing).

After the race I took 3 days to go surfing and to get over my chest infection.  Salt water has an amazing healing effect! Then, with girlfriends, enjoyed some excellent pinchos, great conversation, and fun times, at the fantastic Atari Gastroteka in Donostia – San Sebastiàn.

Atari Gastroteka, where we were locked in on our last visit :-P!

Atari Gastroteka, where we were locked in on our last visit :-P!

Returned home to a stunning Autumn in Chamonix, did some running, mountain biking, and yoga.  Attended the Summer Charity Ball organised by the wonderful Neverest Girls who are raising money for Chacun son Everest who do amazing work in Chamonix helping children and women recover from cancer.

discovery ball dresses nz

I also managed to pack up my lovely place in Les Nants, and place my European belongings into storage, and put my car into long term car parking this month.

adorable flower girl dresses

So for the next months…?

In the middle of that crazy bike ride, I was offered an opportunity to train as a Yin Yoga and Yoga Alliance Teacher Teacher in Costa Rica at the well known Nosara Yoga Institute in October to November.  I have been doing yoga since 1999 and love the counter balance to my triathlon, cycling, running, climbing, mountaineering, skiing, diving and surfing adventures.  I am a great believer in Yin Yoga for recuperating injured athletes and for those who push the limits in work, play and life.

50 hours a week of yoga teacher training over 5 weeks will stretch me :-)!

Costa Rica is also a great place to surf, see amazing wildlife both topside and underwater and maybe even learn a little Spanish.

On top of this, I was invited to go to the Seychelles for week. As I love islands and the marine environment…and easily persuaded to explore new places, it seemed that this trip and some work meetings in the Middle East would fit together nicely.

I have a week of theory on my RYA sailing ‘Day Skipper’ course, to fit in somewhere this month, too.

That sums up my current plans until the end of November.

They say you regret the things you fail to do rather than the things you do…so remember to make the most of your opportunities, have the courage to be who you are, speak and hold to your own truth, love others, and keep your heart full of childlike wonder.

Living life to the fullest, now. Looking for base to call home, in the future…


Updates will be through my Facebook sites and this blog.

Happy Autumn :).

With love, Kathleen xxxx

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Hipsta fun on trip to Musandam

Playing around topside with some Hipsta shots on the trip to Musandam, Oman. If you like to check out the diver portraits – have a look at our Facebook fan page.

Still going through the footage, and reviewing some of the more disturbing images, before I make a decision about what and how to share the story of our interactions at the fishing port with the head of the fish market, and some visiting officials.

Sunrise Taxi on Sheik Zayed.jpgSheik Zayed with Burj Khalifa.jpgDibba Fishing Port-2.jpgHipsta in Musandam.jpgc29-Musandam Dhow, Oman.jpgOctopus Rock Wide.jpgOctopus Rock close.jpgMusandam Rocks.jpgSouth bound, Musandam Oman.jpg

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Ramadam Kareem….

Just back from an amazing trip to United Arab Emirates with some diving in Dibba, and Fujairah, sailing on a small Laser..and generally enjoying the joys of being in a hot dusty climate (I am Australian I do Like it hot) in close proximity to salty water and sea creatures.

Enjoyed wonderful fresh food from a variety of nations and the friendly hospitality of the Emirate culture which continues even when people are fasting…no sugar lows or grumpy faces, just smiles and good natured generosity…Thanks.

Flying away from my salt water friends was a little hard, so thanks to Etihad for upgrading me to a gorgeous business class seat and a wonderful end to a good flight over what felt like the entire Swiss/Italian & French alps at sunrise including a close up of Mont Blanc.

To start here are a few images of some dive friends and a simple video of some of the fun.

Best Regards

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Your voice matters…2 days left to make a difference to Australia’s Marine Life.

I have dived in the Gulf of Oman, Arabian Gulf, and the Mediterranean Sea, and I have dived on the Great Barrier Reef and on Lord Howe Island.

The difference between areas that have been afforded long term protection and those that have been either drilled, over-fished or over-populated hits you in the face the moment you submerge on a dive.

Please help Australian Marine Life: wise multiple use is still possible but protected areas need to follow scientific guidelines.

Take 5 mins to add your own voice to what will be some of the most important decision making in Australia’s history.

Click: Have your say

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