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A new way of seeing things…

“One’s journey is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” Henry Miller.

Last 7 weeks:

Travel: Norway, Sweden, Oman, Emirates, France, Italy, Switzerland

Sport: Ice skating (Oslo), Kite Surfing (Dubai), Nordic, Off-piste and Rando skiing (Norway/Chamonix), Diving (Musandam, Oman), Running, Yoga.

Training: Off Piste Skiing, Avalanche Foundation and Progression Courses with The Avalanche Academy Planning Off-Piste Skiing, Crevasse Rescue Refresher.

In my photography and film I am often looking for new ways of seeing things. The reason images and film fascinate me is they offer people an opportunity to see things differently.

I guess that is what I love about sport, exploration and nature…it leaves you with a fresh perspective, and it can lead a new way of being – if you let it.

I have always been interested in the capacity to inspire, and empower, so this year I have chosen to train as an international coach with The Coaches Training Institute. Our group comprises people from 19 different nations, with a wealth of professional, business, and life experience to share.

I have started coaching a few people as an intern coach and the results are pretty damn amazing. It’s a great way to shift perspective, and not only that of your clients ;).

Otherwise, I am still in the pretzel business, and have decided to stop fighting the challenges of yoga and flow with the whole thing.

So to close with some photography ;)… here are a few images I have taken recently in Chamonix…


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New Alpine/Chamonix Images

Out here in the Arabian desert, so time to release some cooling images for Chamonix friends and those in Arabia, or Australia looking for something different.

Here is a taster of what we can produce in Alpine/Chamonix environments. So beautiful…so lucky!

Monte Bianco Black&White.jpgRond point de reves.jpgDavies Project-14.jpgc44-Monte Bianco_colour.jpgc92-Le Dru.jpgSunlight on Le Vert and Le Dru-1.jpg

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Australia is carbon trading…I say Yes!

Excited to see a marginal government make a positive decision for the environment, and for renewable energy sources.

Happy to have held a genuine belief, and TAKEN ACTION against the odds, to initiate and implement the collaborative renewable energy pilot programs on Commonwealth Islands of the Great Barrier Reef @ Low Isles and at Lady Elliot Island.

Inspired and impressed by others who believed and took up the challenge to pave the way for the future like the Low Isles tourism operators, Low Isles Volunteers and Peter Gash, from Lady Elliot Island. Long term vision leading to economic efficiency and greener pastures ;-).

Chapeau to all the trail blazers….you know who you are!!

I am waiting on a call from le Compagnie du Mont-Blanc to help them to take action to lead the way in the Chamonix Valley. Someone give them my number…

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Climbing @ La Joux

After a big week of work this week with private clients and on a longer term project, I was looking for a bit of relaxation and hoping to go up L’Aiguille du Midi to do the Arȇte des Cosmiques but weather kept us lower in the valley so headed up to La Joux to avoid the crowds. Nothing like a little gneiss to set you straight. Lovely spot:


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Climbing, Sharing Knowledge & Maintaining Equilibrium!

Years ago I was undergoing a medical examination by the team Olympic doctor to Australia, not that I was an Olympian, but I was lucky enough to see him. He gave me some advice I always remember; he said: “Kathleen, there are people who give and there are people who receive, you are both – you are a ‘giver’ and a ‘receiver’. Simple words, succinctly put. I came to understand it as equilibrium.

Studies in chemistry, biology and physiology taught me the importance of balance in chemical & biological reactions. The human body requires works to return to it’s homeostatic state, a state of balance. Often athletes, individuals get taught to focus on WIIFM (‘what’s in it for me’), how can I get better, faster, who can help me get what I want…so it’s refreshing when you meet someone who seems to have a balance…an ordinary guy living his passions and dreams but helping others to achieve theirs. Tommy Harris has no doubt been sharing his love of climbing for a long time. He has been busy preparing Paul Keleher for his goal: no climbing to Everest in a year. Enjoyed climbing Pointes Lachenals with them both, bouldering @ Col des Montets and multi-pitching @ La Joux with Tommy over little while – hopefully, we do a little more next time…weather permitting! Still waiting for the clouds to clear off les cosmiques!


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Sunsets over Mont Blanc massif & a beautiful weekend!

Looking forward to finishing some client projects this week, starting a new project, and a visit from my Australian neighbours!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week,

Kathleen x

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Friday night aperos…or run 1k Vertical up a mountain?

Less than a fortnight ago I had a joyful experience tagging along with some excellent ultra trail runners from Chamonix – we did a recreational run from Place du Balmat to Brevant…this was in fact a reconnaissance run over what would be a 1k vertical race up the mountain. Tonight a large number of amazing people of all shapes/sizes/ages/nationalities decided to spend their Friday night ‘apero’ hour running the …1k Vertical 1km vertical at an average gradient of 50% over a total distance of 2k…Here’s some snaps I took. Aren’t these people incredible:


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Making the most of your opportunities…

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Italy, Sweden, and visit Normandy/Brittany in the last month, spending time with some long-term friends. A true pleasure.

Returning to the Chamonix Valley, I enjoyed an easy alpine route with Tommy Harris and Paul Keleher. Check these guys out…they are impressive people plus you will see some great photos!!! Thanks guys.

Obviously, I have a huge number of photos to upload but I am currently focused on some work for my private clients, and am also commencing a new project.

However, while I am burning some DVD’s for some clients, I wanted to reflect on making the most of today, whatever/wherever you are, and whoever you are with.

One of the upsides of traveling is you meet so many amazing people, and hear so many stories. You get to a window into so many ways to enjoy life through each person you meet.

I’ve found the other side of travel is when you arrive back in town, and your looking for someone to do a mountain bike with on a Sunday, you can find many people are in their set groups or already have plans…and that is when you have to dig deep…even if it’s wet and cold outside…and grab your mountain bike/running shoes or whatever, get out amongst it, and ‘make the most of your opportunities’…here is a small iphone gallery of me making the most of the Chamonix Valley last Sunday afternoon riding past some of the most awe inspiring glaciers & mountains…Enjoy your Life…wherever you are…today is all we have. Best, Kathleen x


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Inspiration for the weekend…Be You!

Here’s the photos from the Vallée Blanche – thanks to Ashley and Nick! Awesome day out in the mountains.

I am off to ski the Vallée Blanche tomorrow, while it’s no big deal in Chamonix, it is another first in a long list of firsts since I moved from living next to the Great Barrier Reef I adore, to exploring new heights in the French Alps. Being vigorously independent and determined since the age of 5 if not earlier (ask my Mum!)….it can be confronting being the ‘new kid on the block’.

www.kathleenswalling.com has been in operation 3 months and each month we have an increasing number of visitors from an amazing number and diverse range of countries….Thank-you!

I have taken a huge leap of faith, and value your support. Keep sharing….and please contact us for your photography and filming needs….your ideas, collaboration and views on our future direction are welcomed.

BTW This is for YOU:

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Social media and Social Change Forum in Geneva…


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