“Images inspire – they capture moments and tell stories.  Making us smile, they can brighten our offices and our homes, in a magazine they can encourage us to visit distant places, explore other cultures and have amazing adventures. Most importantly, they influence us to open our minds to new ideas and thoughts, and that is how they transform the world we live in.”  Kathleen Swalling

Kathleen and juvenile turtle

Kathleen helps a lost green turtle hatchling, Heron Island.

Kathleen is an Innovator, an Advisor, Ambassador and Athlete.

Kathleen connects people with nature and people to each other. Motivating and inspiring personal and organisational change and delivering social change programs to support sustainable environmental, social and economic outcomes.



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Kathleen scouting a location underwater.

For mine years, starting in 2001, I lived, worked, flew over, sailed or dived on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Working with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and teaming up with colleagues, governments, industries, and communities, I was part of the Senior Manager’s forum to successfully negotiate a seven-fold increase in the protection of the biodiversity of the Great Barrier Reef. As the leader of the Commonwealth Island’s programme, I created the first climate neutral island and tourism destination at Low Isles, established the first Heritage Management policies to protect natural and built heritage on the islands, and partnered with Lady Elliot Island to create the first tourism resort island relying largely on renewable energy and the first climate change trail on the Great Barrier Reef.

Prior to this, I was an adviser to the Australian federal government on Australia’s oceans policy, the director of a private information technology business, and fisheries and environmental prosecutor with the South Australian, Attorney Generals Department. I have successfully completed university degrees/studies in Law, Arts and Science.

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Kathleen on the Mont Blanc Massif.