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VBlog 2 – Col de Romme, Col de la Colombière, Col des Saisies

For my friends who are keeping me on track for the Haute Route…thanks for your support. I know who you are and I am always grateful for your presence in my life.

This video is a bit of fun, apologies for quality – shaky hands holding the iphone in one hand, and steering the Look 595 (my bike) in the other while climbing the respective cols…doesn’t make for the best quality but a bit of fun.

Gives those with an interest a taste for the sort of climbing and country side. Promise less of me next time and more of the country side.

A Blurrr of images…sport, adventures, & cultural experiences.

From Abu Dhabi to the End of Season Party at Grands Montets in less than 24hrs – that was surreal!

To driving in the Ferrari Italia 458 (only insiders know the 458 story)!

2 weeks in Kalymnos, Greece – climbing, swimming, running, diving, eating, ouzo, moped riding in my bikini and salsa dancing at sunset.

An intensive Process coaching course in Dubai, and the some more new and amazing friends

5 incredible days in Jordan:

Floating in the Dead Sea, riding horses up the Indiana Jones trail, running & racing bedouins through Petra, Jordanian cooking lessons.

Diving in Aqaba the day after the King of Jordan dived the same site.

Back into the desert, on camels in Wadi rum, definitely doing it Lawrence of Arabia style, sleeping under a myriad of stars (I had a dream I was dancing in them)

Almost being left in Amman while trying to return a rental car, without passport & visa as the team had taken them through customs after checking me in…yes 5 days is tight…but I caught the Royal Jordan flight to Dubai to find…

Synergy, and graduate with my wonderful CTI coaching crew and saying goodbyes to some friends on the last night at the Armani Hotel in the Burj Khalifa

Saying hello to my Chamonix family this beautiful weekend just past…and looking forward to the challenge of running the Cross (23km up hill to 2016m) on not much training next Saturday…

RESULT: I have a whole gammut of great images/simple HD video…want to help create genuine testimony to life’s amazing textures, richness and possibilities…Contact me:

458 Italia.jpgTelendos Island from Kalymnos.jpgrelaxing in the Dead Sea.jpgIndiana Jones style through Petra.jpgPetra Treasury.jpgSun rise in Wadi Rum.jpgAlia, my carpet ride through Wadi Rum.jpg

Kite surfing or Barefoot sand surfing…

Interested in learning to Kite Surf…I took to the sand with one of the Steep & Deep team and had my iPhone in my pocket so cut together a little Steep & Deep snippet.

Looking forward to seeing what happens when we add water…

[jwplayer mediaid=”2040″]

Oslo, Norway…

Hei to friends in Norway. I began trawling through my Iphone for video yesterday and started sorting images from an unexpected trip to Oslo in February which brought me closer to some very special people.

I started experimenting with different techniques today, and I came across the image of the Opera house in Oslo. When I started playing with it, I noticed on the top left hand side of the roof two Muslim women looking down across Oslo. Coincidence? Or design?

Peace and Courage.


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A new way of seeing things…

“One’s journey is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” Henry Miller.

Last 7 weeks:

Travel: Norway, Sweden, Oman, Emirates, France, Italy, Switzerland

Sport: Ice skating (Oslo), Kite Surfing (Dubai), Nordic, Off-piste and Rando skiing (Norway/Chamonix), Diving (Musandam, Oman), Running, Yoga.

Training: Off Piste Skiing, Avalanche Foundation and Progression Courses with The Avalanche Academy Planning Off-Piste Skiing, Crevasse Rescue Refresher.

In my photography and film I am often looking for new ways of seeing things. The reason images and film fascinate me is they offer people an opportunity to see things differently.

I guess that is what I love about sport, exploration and nature…it leaves you with a fresh perspective, and it can lead a new way of being – if you let it.

I have always been interested in the capacity to inspire, and empower, so this year I have chosen to train as an international coach with The Coaches Training Institute. Our group comprises people from 19 different nations, with a wealth of professional, business, and life experience to share.

I have started coaching a few people as an intern coach and the results are pretty damn amazing. It’s a great way to shift perspective, and not only that of your clients ;).

Otherwise, I am still in the pretzel business, and have decided to stop fighting the challenges of yoga and flow with the whole thing.

So to close with some photography ;)… here are a few images I have taken recently in Chamonix…


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The Aquanimity (365) project: Days 33-44; Images from Oman and Dubai.

A set of contrasting images from a recent trip to Oman and Dubai.

Taken with IPhone 4S, except the sunfish which is my first cut of an image from video. There seems to be a theme emerging: nature shots vs city scapes.  Let me know what you think!

I am back in Chamonix, and back on skis. Head to Norway on Thursday to meet up with a good friend in Oslo, where we will also meet up with some Norweigan friends and head out into the Norweigan wilderness from some cross-country/nordic skiing over the weekend. Excited!

Aquanimity Day 31: Dead Sharks.

Sigh! Feeling sad, today. These guys are such powerful, compelling creatures to see swimming!

Yet, I know to keep them alive, I will put my own feelings aside to understand others, and help people to understand each other.

It is not a great image, but I felt compelled to share it. I was walking and talking with the local fishers, when I took this. They were so kind and openly shared their knowledge, with some strange woman, who jumped right down there on the market floor with them.

I hoping I meet with these fishers, again. I feel we have stories to share.

Aquanimity Day 30: Is there always another fish in the sea?

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Hipsta fun on trip to Musandam

Playing around topside with some Hipsta shots on the trip to Musandam, Oman. If you like to check out the diver portraits – have a look at our Facebook fan page.

Still going through the footage, and reviewing some of the more disturbing images, before I make a decision about what and how to share the story of our interactions at the fishing port with the head of the fish market, and some visiting officials.

Sunrise Taxi on Sheik Zayed.jpgSheik Zayed with Burj Khalifa.jpgDibba Fishing Port-2.jpgHipsta in Musandam.jpgc29-Musandam Dhow, Oman.jpgOctopus Rock Wide.jpgOctopus Rock close.jpgMusandam Rocks.jpgSouth bound, Musandam Oman.jpg

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